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We're just getting started, your support to help us get awareness out to everyone about global issues; the charitable campaigns that the Djs are championing, as well as the events we want to put on for your entertainment is vital, so thanks for helping.

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We’re trying something new. Over the next few months we will be setting a number of current world issues at the forefront of our awareness promotions, but they are going to be presented with speeches, messages, meetings, even interviews in music, particularly dance music. We understand that not everyone will appreciate the genre we have started with, but we had to start somewhere and as our trustee, Jonathan Fleming, who began this experiment, has an affinity with dance music — having written a book on the subject, not to mention that the style fits the experiment — that is where we start… (oh, the book; it’s called ‘What Kind of House Party Is This’, unfortunately it’s out of print now, but you may find it touted about on Amazon second hand only — beware of the condition, a number of books faltered on the binding causing pages to come loose depending on use and handling — you’ve been warned).

The reason we are conducting this experiment and particularly now is because the awareness parties we were expecting to throw in 2021 (named ‘FLOW’) are all about building awareness through dance music and may not happen now until 2022, depending on how the COVID-19 situation clears up. Thus why we are trialing our project through social media. If you guys think that what we are doing has some merit, let us know in the comments wherever you wish to leave them. 

When we are able to resume those parties we want to be able to deliver special awareness speeches or messages (not so much interviews or meetings) without interrupting the music to get those global messages across to our audiences. If we find that our idea works in social media, it’ll work in a party setting.

When we are able to resume those parties, the first will be entitled ‘PURPOSE’, the second to be entitled ‘MEANING’. Other titles will follow, so FLOW—PURPOSE and FLOW—MEANING will kick them off.
Our aim is to be able to put on numerous events in major cities around the world so that we can bring more and more youth and millennials into the voluntary sector or at least reach them using a platform we know they absolutely enjoy in order to make them aware of the vast amount of issues and choices that are out there which they can support to strengthen the sector and their own aims and purposes.

There’s more….
While COVID-19 uncertainty grips the world, CNF will be promoting 22 global issues as listed by the UN and whilst we will be doing so in these experimental DJ sets, we also want to encourage DJs around the world to see what they can come up with to help tackle these issues as well as those of the charities they themselves advocate for.

The DJ camp we wish to build will be known as Purpose Driven DJs (PDD) and will be found at
We are only just getting started with this project so allow us time to grow if what you see at the site is not quite there yet...

We want all participating DJs to try and create meaningful speech driven pieces of music about 

their charities or any of the UN global issues on listed

CNF wants this campaign to turn into a movement of purpose driven people worldwide to tackle the global issues that the millennials in particular, let alone the whole world, have to now care about.

For both DJ and Public to join and get updated on the progress, please go to:, then at the page select the appropriate form (DJ or Public) and leave your name, email and country with a selection of the issues you want to support.

It’s all very ambitious, but what is life without a bit of ambition?
We’re rising to the challenge and you can help us turn it into something great if you lend your support.